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CK Group reach final stages of CSSA Awards


The CSSA Awards CK Group reached the finalist stages at the 2017 Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA) awards in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. The inaugural awards ceremony, which was held alongside The Cleaning Show, was attended by large numbers of companies across the cleaning and facilities management industries. Guests were treated [...]

CK Group reach final stages of CSSA Awards2019-07-29T15:21:49+00:00

New UV Decontamination Programme introduced to UCLH


A Bright Innovation CK Group have introduced a new UV Decontamination service to University College London Hospital’s, as part of their new innovate decontamination programme. The new programme combines the use of HPV and UV decontamination, to tackle different threats. HPV is deployed to tackle high risk threats such as MRSA and c-difficil, and [...]

New UV Decontamination Programme introduced to UCLH2017-12-14T11:29:20+00:00

Intellibot Demo for CK Group Operatives


Intellibot - Intelligent Cleaning CK Group staff have been treated to an exclusive preview of the upcoming Taski Intellibot, an automated robotic scrubber dryer, hosted at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital. Operatives witnessed how the intelligent scrubber dryer can clean a pre-mapped location, or work in a completely new space and save area data [...]

Intellibot Demo for CK Group Operatives2017-12-14T11:34:34+00:00

School Hygiene – Return of the “Super Spreaders”


School's and Super Spreaders As you will be only too well aware children in a closed community, such as a school, have an incredible capability for spreading “germs” between themselves, their families and school staff, and are often considered to be “Super Spreaders”. This is usually because of the close contact children will have [...]

School Hygiene – Return of the “Super Spreaders”2017-12-14T11:35:33+00:00

Norovirus – Handling Outbreaks and Decomtamination


What is Norovirus? Norovirus is a word that frequently enters news headlines at this time of year, which is probably why it’s earnt the nickname of the “winter vomiting bug”. It’s not a particularly catchy alias, but it is accurate. It’s estimated to effect up to 1 million people in the UK every year. [...]

Norovirus – Handling Outbreaks and Decomtamination2017-12-14T11:38:21+00:00

Dangerous Hygiene Standards in UK Courts


Court cleaning standards have been called into question after a report from HMI Prisons found dangerous conditions in cells across the UK. The report states that court cells in England and Wales are an “accident waiting to happen”. Cells were described as “squalid” and covered with offensive graffiti, creating unpleasant and dangerous conditions for [...]

Dangerous Hygiene Standards in UK Courts2017-12-14T11:39:07+00:00

CK Group Host Sector Based Work Training Course


Helping Local Unemployed CK Group have hosted a sector based training course at their South East London training facility, with the aim of helping local unemployed back into work and into cleaning operative roles. The course was compiled and carried out by N-Gaged, a pre-employment training company based in Bristol. The company conduct many different [...]

CK Group Host Sector Based Work Training Course2017-12-14T11:39:34+00:00

Matt Ford Retains Tour Card with Nail Biting Finish


Matt Ford, PGA Golfer sponsored by CK Group, Played on of the most important tournaments of his career this past weekend, as the final result would determine whether or not he retained his European Tour Card.

Matt Ford Retains Tour Card with Nail Biting Finish2017-12-14T11:40:01+00:00

What is VHP?


What is VHP? VHP Stands for Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide, a decontamination agent widely used throughout healthcare. Why use VHP? VHP has been proven to be effective at stopping and preventing outbreaks. How VHP Works Before a room can be treated it needs to be prepared. This involves cleaning the room, exposing as many hard [...]

What is VHP?2017-12-14T13:12:19+00:00

Training Facility Opens at Head Office


The New Training Facility CK Group are proud to announce we are working alongside BICSc Trainer, Tommy Taylor, who will be responsible for training all current and new CK Group employee’s in all required cleaning standards. This training will take place in CK Group’s brand new BICSc accredited facility, based at the same location as [...]

Training Facility Opens at Head Office2017-12-14T11:42:42+00:00