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New UV Decontamination Programme introduced to UCLH


A Bright Innovation CK Group have introduced a new UV Decontamination service to University College London Hospital’s, as part of their new innovate decontamination programme. The new programme combines the use of HPV and UV decontamination, to tackle different threats. HPV is deployed to tackle high risk threats such as MRSA and c-difficil, and [...]

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Norovirus – Handling Outbreaks and Decomtamination


What is Norovirus? Norovirus is a word that frequently enters news headlines at this time of year, which is probably why it’s earnt the nickname of the “winter vomiting bug”. It’s not a particularly catchy alias, but it is accurate. It’s estimated to effect up to 1 million people in the UK every year. [...]

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What is VHP?


What is VHP? VHP Stands for Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide, a decontamination agent widely used throughout healthcare. Why use VHP? VHP has been proven to be effective at stopping and preventing outbreaks. How VHP Works Before a room can be treated it needs to be prepared. This involves cleaning the room, exposing as many hard [...]

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CK Group on Schedule For Bart’s Hospital Builders Clean


CK Group, which won the builders cleaning contract for the Bart’s Hospital refurbishment programme on behalf of Skanska, is on course to complete the project this autumn as expected. The programme is currently in the second stage of three, while the first phase was completed by CK Group in 2009. After Builders Clean The [...]

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Microfibre Cleaning: How It Works


Cross section of cotton and microfibre. Cotton fibres leave residue behind, where as microfibre will draw dust and dirt into the fibres. About Microfibre Microfibre is a synthetic fibre which is 100 times finer then a human hair. These ultra-fine fibres have an outstanding ability to pick up incredibly fine dust and dirt [...]

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Southmead Hospital Commissioning Clean Completed


CK Group's specialist cleaning division i+DCS, has carried out the commissioning clean for the newly opened Brunel Building at Southmead Hospital. Now one of Europe's leading healthcare facilities. The New Southmead Hospital Replacing two smaller hospitals, Southmead is said to set the standard for healthcare in the UK, with over 114,000 sq m and [...]

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