Cleaning MasterCard UK? Spotless!


CK Group are pleased to announce a new cleaning contract with MasterCard. Their offices, situated over two floors at 10 Upper Bank Street, Canary Wharf, are the main offices within the UK. The daily cleaning routine takes in all areas including meeting rooms, main office floor, corridors and reception area. Wash rooms are, of [...]

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Tweet Them Mean, Keep Them Clean!


As you can see we're going through a few changes at the moment, venturing into previously uncharted internet territory by CK Group. Twitter can be a scary place from time to time, so it's no surprise it's taken us a little while to jump on the bandwagon. But we're finally getting to grips with it. [...]

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Matt Ford: Just the Beginning


Matt had an excellent start to his 2014 season, finishing 17th at the Barclays Kenya Open. He'll be making several blog posts about his time on tour so keep checking back for his latest entry. Just the beginning My season began earlier this month with the Kenya Open. I finished 17th which I was happy [...]

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And He’s Off!


Last Friday Matt boarded a plane for Dubai, home of the Emerites Golf Course where he practised all weekend. His tournament season is about to commence on 6th May with his entry into the Barclay's Kenya Open as part of The Challenge Tour. The tournament which is now in it's 25 year takes place on [...]

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Trinity Hospice Receives a Royal Visit!


One of City & Kent's sites, Trinity Hospice, received a rather special visit on Wednesday from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall! Chief Executive Dallas Pounds and Chairman Derek Wyatt were in charge of guiding HRH around Trinity, visiting areas such as the outpatient and inpatient centres and the physiotherapy gym. HRH spoke to volunteers during [...]

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Welcome to the New Website!


[su_frame align="center"][/su_frame] Greetings everyone and welcome to the new CK website. If you've browsed the web and stumbled across City and Kent before then you would have been met with a fairly dated looking website. Now we've entered the world of 2014 and have a website to match the times. All areas have been updated, [...]

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