Jet Washing

CK Group’s Jet washing (or Pressure Washing) services can help restore your hard surfaces to their former glory by removing dirt, moss, algie and grime.

Our experienced operatives are able to adapt the cleaning techniques, taking into account the material and age of the surface. In more restrictive areas we can deploy water recovery systems to minimise the spread. Our operatives are also trained and equipped with rotary flat surface cleaners that can minimise the spread and spray of water.

All CK Group’s jet washing services can be provided on a contractual basis or reactive to your demands.

Graffiti Removal

Whilst sometimes it is considered art, most of the time graffiti is ugly and offensive. Unfortunately, due to the paints used it can be tricky to remove. CK Group have a range of tools at our disposal including high powered pressure washers, specialist chemicals and steam cleaning machines that will remove any graffiti and restore the brick or stonework to its original appearance. CK Group can respond to graffiti attacks 24 hours a day, just call our freephone number on 0800 458 6452.

Gum removal

Trodden in gum is an eyesore and a big problem for areas with high levels of public footfall. Luckily, CK Group have the specialist equipment at hand to remove the gum quickly and safely. Using high powered, pressured steam cleaners, we reduce the gum to foam, that can simply be brushed away, with little to no use of harmful chemicals.

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