Microfibre Cleaning

Microfibre cloths have been one of the most crucial tools in shaping the cleaning industry today. The cloths can be used both dry and damp without any detriment to regular cleaning activities. In most instances when using the cloths damp, only water is required for the cleaning solution, meaning no chemicals are required for most cleaning activities. On top of this, a high-quality microfibre cloth can be washed and reused up to 900 times, reducing the amount of waste generated from disposable cloths and paper.

All CK Group operatives are trained in microfibre cleaning techniques as well as colour coding, helping to minimise cross contamination.

The cloths work by drawing the dirt and dust. up by the static charge naturally generated by moving the cloth over a surface. The cloth then traps the particles within its tiny fibres.

CK Group will always recommend the use of microfibre cleaning where appropriate. Not only to help the environment as well as keeping your costs down.

Our head office has an on-site, industrial laundry facility, capable of washing cloths in the correct conditions and in large volumes. We also have experience of introducing microfibre cleaning schemes gradually, as well as operating on-site laundry facilities.

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