Window Cleaning

Due to the reflective properties of glass, even the slightest amount of dirt or grime can make windows lose their shine. CK Group’s window cleaning services help put a stop to that, leaving your windows with a clean, streak free finish.

Our window cleaning operatives will access the best method of conducting the work, which could include one or several of the following methods.

  • Water Fed Poles – otherwise known as reach and wash, allowing the operative to reach up to four stories high from the safety of the ground.
  • Ladders – For confined spaces or areas where machine access is obstructed. Always used in pairs.
  • Elevated Platforms – Either manual or mechanical, ideal for working at height over longer periods of time.
  • Cherry Pickers – Hydraulic platforms that can reach heights in excess of 120ft
  • Abseiling – Used for taller structures, skilled operatives will descend the side of the building cleaning as they go.

Our window cleaning operatives always ensure that frames and sills are cleaned to give a complete clean.

At CK Group we are passionate about our environmental responsibilities. As a result, we prioritise methods that use no detergents or chemicals but still maintain the highest level of streak-free cleaning.

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