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i+DCS – Intensive Deep Cleaning System

Deep Cleaning

CK Group have brought together their proven knowledge of clinical cleaning and the very latest technology to produce i+DCS, the ultimate deep cleaning solution to hygiene within the healthcare sector.

I+DCS stands for Intensive Deep Cleaning Systems. It is CK group’s specialist division that has evolved from years of expertise in the field along with the newest innovations in cleaning technology. Because i+DCS is compliant with the latest National Specifications for Cleanliness set by the NHS, the division is mainly deployed in the healthcare sector to enhance infection control in clinical and non-clinical areas. Using our own internal monitoring processes, we are able to constantly evaluate the performance of i+DCS and make sure that all cleaning is carried out in the safest and most efficient manner, but still produces the best results for patient safety and wellbeing.

Here are some of the methods used by i+DCS.



High frequency sound waves are sent through a bath of warm water, creating millions of microscopic bubbles which implode very quickly. The side effect of this is fantastic at cleaning almost anything. In the healthcare sector ultrasonic cleaning has been used to clean whole wheelchairs, drip-stands, electric fans, bins, even children’s toys. The process is renowned for reinvigorating any item, even those which were deemed too dirty or unsafe to keep.



Vapourised hydrogen peroxide is used as a rapid aerial disinfectant, where enclosed environments can be sterilised in just over 30 minutes. Acting as an incredibly potent oxidiser, VHP has the ability to eliminate all forms of microbial life including vegetative bacteria, fungal spores and viruses and has been incredibly effective in the reduction of hospital acquired infections.



This has become a key element in today’s cleaning practices. When it is properly applied it has been shown to virtually eliminate bacteria from all surfaces, whilst significantly reducing the need for chemical use. City & Kent only use the finest quality micro-fiber with i+DCS.

Dry Steam


This process supplies dry saturated cleaning capabilities without the use of damaging biocides. It is the perfect tool to ensure optimum sterilisation of materials and surfaces. By supplying pressure of up to 180 º it’s can also dissolve grease and penetrate small cracks, it can even be used in chewing gum, making it a great all around cleaner.

All of these techniques and more are used within i+DCS and our skilled cleaning technicians have been trained in the correct and safe application of any treatment. Although the division’s main focus is working with the healthcare sector, it has been known to branch out in to other areas wherever a more skilled and intensive response is required. I+DCS has worked with a number of bespoke contracts, including offices and call centres where more efficient daily and routine cleaning was required to reduce the numbers of illness related absenteeism. Another example includes working with kitchens and food preparation areas to increase levels of hygiene without the use of any harmful chemicals.


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