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At the forefront of intensive cleaning in the healthcare sector

CK Group remains at the forefront of intensive cleaning technology after years of practical application of specialist techniques. We have developed our own series of processes and equipment which we proudly call i+DCS (Intensive Deep Cleaning System).

i+DCS was born from the recognition of a gap in the market for specialist healthcare cleaning. With CK Group’s proven record in clinical cleaning, leading manufacturers would trial their equipment with us before releasing it to the marketplace. The often groundbreaking results have helped in raising standards, making i+DCS one of the most successful cleaning systems in the country.

i+DCS offers a package of skills and technology which can be employed in vulnerable environments, where cleaning standards are under constant government and public scrutiny. Our methods can be applied as a constant preventative measure or as a rapid outbreak response, minimising the risk of further infections. The methods include hydrogen peroxide fogging, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, steam cleaning and efficient and environmentally friendly microfibre technology. In addition to clinical equipment, we deep clean patient accessories including drip stands, wheelchairs, children’s toys, and have specialist knowledge and experience in hospital relocation and builders cleaning. This combined effort of highly trained staff and specialist equipment reduces the overall risk of infection and improves patient comfort and safety during their stay.



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