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Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide fogging is becoming increasingly recognised for its effectiveness in the healthcare sector. At i+DCS we use Nocospray by Oxypharm which we believe to be the most efficient and cost effective method of applying VHP. The vapour produced is a potent airborne decontaminate which can eliminate microorganisms such as MRSA, Chlostridium Difficile and Norovirus. There is no residue created during or after treatment, and there is no harm to electronic or medical equipment.


VHP - Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Nocospray by Oxypharm is the perfect solution for decontamination.

  • Lightweight (under 6KG)
  • Low chemical consumption – 1ml per 1m3
  • Proven results
  • Portable
  • low set up cost
  • Easy to use

VHP Services

Our i+DCS team are fully trained in all elements of VHP use. They will set up a program for your organisation, calculating the precise room measurements to get the most cost efficient results out of the spraying process. The Nocospray can be deployed as a routine preventative measure or as a curative treatment and i+DCS will be on hand to handle any situation. We supply all the components for the fogging to be carried out in a quick but safe manner. For example, an area of 50m3 can receive preventative treatment in just 33 minutes (3 minutes spraying, 30 minutes contact time). Testing strips are also used to indicate that the NocoSpray treatment reaches the most inaccessible places in any room configuration.

If you are interested in i+DCS VHP service or the Nocospray, please contact Ashley with any enquiries.


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