In the attempt to minimise the spread of infection and cross-contamination, Hospitals and healthcare environments require some of the highest levels of cleanliness in the industry. On top of bacteria that would commonly be found in normal working environments, hospitals must also combat stronger, more resilient superbugs, such as MRSA, C. diff and E. coli. That’s why healthcare cleaning requires a more intensive form of cleaning and sterilisation treatments.

CK Group specialises in healthcare cleaning and has built up extensive knowledge and expertise over the past 35 years. The majority of our current contracts exist within both the public and the private sector.

Our operatives are trained to the standards set by BICSc, the British Institute of Cleaning Science. We can carry out training on premises or at our own training facility located in South East London, upskilling our operatives to handle all extra requirements of healthcare cleaning.

CK Group is experienced with the National Specification of Cleanliness in the NHS and has worked alongside many Trust Infection Prevention teams to help enhance their existing cleaning programmes. Our supervisors also conduct compliant quality monitoring, ensuring that standards are maintained throughout the term of the contract and

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