HPV Decontamination

(Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour)

Hydrogen peroxide Vapour, or HPV, is a method of decontamination popular in the healthcare sector, due to its capability of generating a 6 log reduction in bacteria. The vapour produced is a potent airborne decontaminate which can eliminate microorganisms such as MRSA, Chlostridium Difficile and Norovirus. There is no residue created during or after treatment, and there is no harm to electronic or medical equipment. We believe it to be one of the most cost effective and thorough treatments, capable of generating a 6log reduction to every exposed surface within an area.

Our HPV decontamination services can be provided as part of a managed service, to help prevent cross contamination, or as a reactive service to tackle outbreaks. All decontamination treatments are carried out by our specialist healthcare division i+DCS (Intensive Deep Cleaning Systems). Our 24-hour emergency number means that HPV decontamination requests can be made to CK Group at a moment’s notice.

Our teams will work safely and effectively, ensuring that the decontamination area is sealed and secure before the treatment takes place. Treatment times can vary, averaging approximately 2 ½ hours. We appreciate this can seem like a long time to the demands of the healthcare sector, but the results generated by HPV are proven and CK Group operatives always do everything in their power to ensure that the treatment area is turned around as quickly as possible.

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