UV Light Decontamination

UV Light Decontamination is a relatively new form of sterilisation treatment, capable of killing bacteria, fungi and yeasts in seconds without the need for chemicals. The process can either be used as a stand-alone decontamination solution, or in combination with other treatments, such as HPV.

Decontamination treatments are quick, simple and cost effective. High power UV lamps are placed within the area and switched on remotely once everyone is outside of the room. After 10 minutes of exposure, a 4-log reduction in bacteria and organisms will be achieved. Two to three lamp placements are required to ensure maximum surface contact for a more successful decontamination. On average, a single occupancy hospital bedroom with en-suite bathroom will take approximately 25-30 minutes to prepare and decontaminate. This allows for rooms to be turned around much faster than other decontamination methods.

CK Group have deployed UV in several NHS trusts and developed our own techniques to ensure greater amounts of surfaces within a ward or bedroom are reached by the UV light.

Our UV Light Decontamination services can be provided as a managed proactive service, a reactive service, or a both. If you’re interested to see how UV Light Decontamination can benefit your healthcare institute, contact us on 0208 659 6748 or use the contact form below.

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