Intellibot Demo to CK Group

Intellibot – Intelligent Cleaning

CK Group staff have been treated to an exclusive preview of the upcoming Taski Intellibot, an automated robotic scrubber dryer, hosted at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital.

Operatives witnessed how the intelligent scrubber dryer can clean a pre-mapped location, or work in a completely new space and save area data as it works. Both settings allowed the scrubber dryer to clean floors unaided and completely unsupervised.

This method of “hands-free cleaning“ allows the operative to focus on separate cleaning projects, either in the same location as the machine, or a different area altogether. The machine can work up to 4 hours on a single charge cycle.

If the machine encounters an error, it will notify the operative via text message to inform. Also if a person or object were to move into the path of Intellibot then it will safely stop before collision.

Once the machine reaches the end of its cleaning cycle it can either return to its starting point, or stop and notify the operator via email or SMS. It will also send out a detailed performance report to confirm the cleaning has been carried out.

Although CK Group only witnessed a demo of the Taski Intellibot Scrubber machine, there are also two other variants, one for vacuuming and the other for sweeping and scrubbing.

CK Group will be utilising one of the Intellibot machine in an NHS trusts later this year, further increasing our productivity within the NHS. Make sure to keep an eye on our latest news for more details. For more information on the Taski Intellibot, click here.