Jananam Fertility Clinic

The Jananam Fertility Clinic

Ian Pether, Managing Director of CK Group Services, has been working directly with Jananam Fertility Clinic in Chennai, India, to advise on cleaning and hygiene practices in place. During his visit he attended a Press Conference alongside Dr. Selva Annamalai, the CEO and Managing Director of the Jananam Clinic.

Jananam Press Confrence

Dr. Selva Annamalai and Ian Pether at Jananam Fertility Centre press conference.

Dr. Selva Annamalai said his 18 bed hospital was the first to receive such treatment in the country. “CK Group have worked directly with many NHS hospitals in the UK. They train, conduct audits and certify cleaning to agreed standards. The certification is not for the hospital building or fire safety, it is only for cleaning hygiene and infection control which has an impact on patient care.”

The fertility clinic boasts high success rates of up to 41.2% and Dr. Selva Annamalai added that these rates are partly due to the hygiene levels at the facility. “A clean environment is vital for achieving high pregnancy rates and CK Group has been instrumental in helping us achieve and maintain these standards.”

Dr. Selva Annamalai went on to explain why he decided to approach CK Group. “I decided to employ international standards in my hospital and I found CK Group to be knowledgeable, practical and cost effective. Although we have NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), small nursing homes and practices are unable to afford their services.

i+DCS Introduced

Speaking more about the company’s involvement with Jananam, CK Group’s Ian Pether said “the patented i+DCS (Intensive Deep Clean System) not only brings any facility up to hygiene standards based on the UK’s NHS’ national specification on cleanliness, but it allows for this level to be maintained, though constant monitoring and training.”

This is the first time the CK Group has conducted business abroad, however Since the success at Jananam Fertility Clinic the company have been approached by a number of institutions across the healthcare and hospitality sectors with enquiries as to how i+DCS can benefit their cleaning, auditing and training programmes.