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Broomfield Hospital

Broomfield Hospital

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Broomfield Hospital

Broomfield hospital is an excellent example of how much we value customer service and build good working relationships. Initially we were called in to simply clean the light fixtures throughout the premises. Our quality of service impressed the Trust leading them to frequently call upon our experience to help them in other areas whenever a rapid response was required.

Presently we are responsible for various aspects of Broomfield Hospital’s intensive cleaning. Our daily routine involves all corridors and public washroom cleaning during regular working hours and also over night shifts. Through this program we have introduced the use of microfibre technology, resulting in a cost effective and more intensive clean. Outside of the hospital the Trust have also tasked us with the care and upkeep of external areas. Using CK Group’s own road sweeper, we are able to take care of all paved and tarmacked areas with ease and efficiency.

CK Group also manage and maintain the laundry system for Broomfield Hospital. This includes the microfibres used for the daily cleaning and also all the laundry for the maternity services department.

By demonstrating to Broomfield Hospital that no job is too small, we have developed a working relationship built on trust that has developed over many years.



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