The New Training Facility

CK Group are proud to announce we are working alongside BICSc Trainer, Tommy Taylor, who will be responsible for training all current and new CK Group employee’s in all required cleaning standards.

This training will take place in CK Group’s brand new BICSc accredited facility, based at the same location as our South London head office.

The unique facility has three different flooring types in one space (carpet, linoleum and hard flooring), allowing current and prospective employees the chance to practice newly learnt skills in one teaching environment. Alongside the flooring we also have glass surfaces and a mixture of low and high ledges, allowing our specialist cleaning staff to demonstrate working safely at height.

The range of surfaces available allows for tuition in the use of microfibre for daily cleaning, cleaning machinery, deep cleaning techniques and also VHP (vapourised hydrogen peroxide) for emergency decontamination.

The facility can also be transformed into a classroom environment, allowing us to teach more theory based subjects such as infection prevention, in a more conventional manner.

A Valuable Training Asset

CK Group recognised the need for a central training hub, and believes the investment will stand out as a valuable asset for the company, providing all the resources required to effectively train staff for new cleaning contracts.

For more information on the BICSc standard training we can provide, please use our contact form or call on 020 8659 6748