[su_frame align=”center”]New Website[/su_frame]

Greetings everyone and welcome to the new CK website. If you’ve browsed the web and stumbled across City and Kent before then you would have been met with a fairly dated looking website. Now we’ve entered the world of 2014 and have a website to match the times. All areas have been updated, allowing you find more details of our most recent contracts and working methods.

Alongside the new site, we have also joined twitter! So please do visit our profile and follow us for updates about the business as well as the cleaning and office teams.

This is going to be a pretty exciting year for the company, as we are looking to branch into a number of different markets, some of which may not be confined to the shores of the UK. There will be more details of these ventures at a later date!

Although the site is up and running, there may be a few tweaks needed here and there. so please bear with us as we complete the transition to the new site. If you do notice any issues with the site that you would bring to our attention you can e-mail David. He is the new Website Administrator and will happy to respond to any problems. You can also contact David with any related news or suggestions for the new website you might have.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you like the new website!