What is VHP?

VHP Stands for Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide, a decontamination agent widely used throughout healthcare.

Why use VHP?

VHP has been proven to be effective at stopping and preventing outbreaks.

How VHP Works

Before a room can be treated it needs to be prepared. This involves cleaning the room, exposing as many hard surfaces as possible (opening drawers, etc), closing windows and turning off any negative/positive pressure.

Once the room is ready, the operative sets up the machine and leaves to room, making sure it is sealed behind them. The process itself involves passing liquid hydrogen peroxide over a vaporiser which is projected into the treatment area to saturate the air, just before the “dew point”. Dispersal can be aided by fans to ensure equal distribution. Once the vapour makes contact with the surfaces it will break up and deactivate any micro-organisms present, destroying harmful pathogens.

The vapourised hydrogen peroxide breaks down naturally to water vapour and oxygen, meaning no residue is left behind which would require further cleaning. Once the concentration of VHP has reached less than 1ppm, it is safe for the operative to re-enter the room.

To ensure the treatment has been successful, bio-indicator strips can be placed around the room. Once hydrogen peroxide makes contact with the strip it will change colour, indication sufficient contact time has been made.

Benefits of VHP

There is a reason that VHP is becoming increasingly popular, here are some of the reasons why.

  • Effective at ambient room temperatures and low concentrations
  • Produces 6 Log reduction
  • No residue = no post treatment wipe down
  • No lengthy aeration time needed
  • Non-toxic by-products, considered a green solution.

At CK Group we use the Nocospray by Oxypharm. This is a lightweight and portable machine, capable of cleaning areas up to 1000m3.

Although the decontamination treatment is used primarily in the healthcare sector, CK Group have also applied treatment in schools, offices, and industrial areas. We believe it to be the perfect solution when a quick, thorough decontamination is required.

If you’d like to know more about VHP or how we can apply it to your weekly or periodic cleaning schedule, then please contact us now.